Sirron 12; Specializing in Original Art Décor & Branding


Warning! Some May Fine Some Of My Art Offensive


All of my art creations and designs are inspired from; serenity; spiritual and sexual elements and Salvador Dali; although I paint draw, and illustrate; I consider my self more of an artist rather than a painter or illustrator. It’s my hope that my art stimulates anyone looking at pieces and ponders what that piece communicates.


The collection consists of painting and drawings in watercolor and acrylics, pen, pencil, ink, digital graphics, photography and mixed media. Standard size of original paintings and drawing are 9” x 12” too 24” x 36”, some art is created for prints are available in larger and smaller sizes.


I create and customize special art for fashion designers, Interior Designers and others upon request. See something you like just click on the buy link to purchase.


Sirron Kyles

Sirron 12


Art Imprinted on,

Art & Photography Prints

Greeting Cards

Throw Pillows

Duvet Covers

Shower Curtain’s

Tote Bags

Phone Cases


Beach Towels, Round Beach Towels etc.

Weekender Tote Bags

Clothe Materiel etc.